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103 Adapters of various types

47 Connectors of various types


  • Type Quantity Notes
    BNC-LEMO 6 Needs LEMO male, BNC male
    BNC-LEMO 10 Needs LEMO female, BNC female
    BNC-BNC 22 Needs BNC female (both ends)
    LEMO-LEMO 8 Needs LEMO male (both ends)
    LEMO Splitter 9 Needs LEMO female input, female output
    BNC Splitter 10 Needs BNC female input, male output
    BNC Splitter 30 Needs BNC male input, male output
    BNC-BNC 2 Needs 1 male, 1 female (corner adapter)
    SHV-SHV 6 Needs both male
    SHV-Wire 5 40 more ordered
    BNC-Wire 2  
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