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Manuscripts under collaboration / journal review
[For reviews only. Please do not distribute. Once uploaded to the arXiv, manuscripts are moved here]

1.  Electron Beam Energy Reconstruction for Neutrino Oscillation Measurements

     M. Khachatryan, A. Papadopolou, A. Ashkenazi, F. Hauenstein, A. Nambrath, A. Hrnjic, 

     L.B. Weinstein, and O. Hen, et al. (CLAS and e4𝜈 Collaborations).

     [Accepted for publication in Nature. PDF link: here]

2.  New scaling measurements map the transition from single-particle to correlated-pair

     dominance in atomic nuclei

     I. Korover, A.W. Denniston, A. Schmidt, A. Kiral, A. Lovato, N. Rocco, L.B. Weinstein, 

     E. Piasetzky, and O. Hen, et al. (CLAS Collaboration).

     [Submitted for publication. PDF link: here]

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