Manuscripts under internal collaboration review

[For reviews only. Please do not distribute. Once uploaded to the arXiv, manuscripts are moved here]

1.  The Transparent Nucleus: Unperturbed Inverse Kinematics 

     Nucleon Knockout Measurements with a 48 GeV/c Carbon Beam

     M. Patsyuk, J. Kahlbow, G. Laskaris, V. Lenivenko, and E. P. Segarra et al. (BM@N Collaboration).

     [PDF link: here]

     Now accepted to Nature Physics.

2.  Electron Beam Energy Reconstruction for Neutrino Oscillation Measurements

     M. Khachatryan, A. Papadopolou, A. Ashkenazi, F. Hauenstein, A. Nambrath, A. Hrnjic, 

     L.B. Weinstein, and O. Hen, et al. (CLAS and e4𝜈 Collaborations).

     [Submitted for publication on July 2020. PDF link: here]