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Welcome to the Hen-Lab website; Here you can get to know the group, read about our research, and find our latest publications. We are (primarily) a scattering group that uses high-energy electron, neutrino, proton and ion scattering to study effects of QCD in the nuclear medium, the interplay between partonic and nucleonic degrees of freedom in nuclei (e.g. the EMC effect), neutrino-nucleus interactions and more. If you find our work interesting, and have space for more stamps on your passport, feel free to contact us and learn about how you can get involved!

Recent News

January 10, 2020

New paper on the core of the strong nuclear interaction accepted for pubcilation Nature

January 01, 2020

"There's a Giant Mystery Hiding Inside Every Atom in the Universe" - check out this very nice press article on our EMC work

October 08, 2019

Or elected to join the Executive Committee of the APS New England Section (NES)

September 25, 2019

Florian Hauenstein recived the 2019 JSA Promising Young Scientist Award!

August 01, 2019

Jefferson Lab PAC approved our new GlueX proposals for SRC studies using high-energy exclusive photo production reactions. We are now formally running in all 4 JLab halls!

April 25, 2019

Afroditi Papadopoulou awarded the 2019 URA Graduate Fellowship!

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