Principal Investigator

Or grew up in Moshav Even-Sapir, Israel. He received his undergraduate degrees in physics and computer engineering from the Hebrew University and his PhD in physics from Tel-Aviv University. He joint MIT in October 2015 as a Pappalardo Fellow, formally joining the faculty in July 2017.  He received various prizes and fellowships for his work to date, including the Alfred P. Sloan Fellowship (2020), APS Stuart J. Freedman Award (2019), U.S. DOE Early Career Award (2019), IUPAP NP Young Scientist Prize (2019), G. Altarelli award (2018), Amar G. Bose Fellowship (2018), FNAL Intensity-Frontier fellowship (2016), Rothschild Fellowship (2015), Israeli Physics Society and Jefferson-Lab dissertation prizes (2015), A. Pazi Award (2013) and the Y. Eisenberg Prize (2011).

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Adi Ashkenazi


Projects: MicroBooNE, 

Electrons 4 Neutrinos.

Dr. Tyler Kutz


Projects: JLab SRC.

Dr. Florian Hauenstein


Projects: JLab SRC, EIC, Electrons 4 Neutrinos.

Dr. Julian Kahlbow


Projects: SRC @ JINR & JLab.

Graduate Students

Efrain Patrick Segarra (4th year)


Projects: JLab EMC (BAND), SRC@JINR,

EMC Effect & Nuclear PDFs.

Afroditi Papadopoulou (4th year)


Projects: Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions (MicroBooNE & Electrons-4-Neutrinos)

Andrew Denniston (2nd year)


Projects: JLab SRC (CLAS12) and Phenomenology

Jackson Pybus (2nd year)


Projects: JLab SRC (GlueX), EIC

and Phenomenology


Natalie Wright [post-baccalaureate student]


Projects: Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions (MicroBooNE & Electrons-4-Neutrinos)

Alex Kiral [Paglia Research Fellow]


Projects: JLab SRC

Dr. Sharon Beck [Research Affiliate]


Projects: JLab SRC

(BAND, Data-Mining)

Pedro Toledo [Research Affiliate Engineer]


Projects: BAND Laser Calibration System

Dr. Arie Beck [Research Affiliate]


Projects: OLIVIA and JLab (BAND, Data-Mining)

Undergraduate Students

Anjali Nambrath


Projects: Electrons-4-Neutrinos

Former Members:

Grad students, postdocs, and researchers

Prof. Adi Ashkenazi (Postdoc)

Current position: Assistant Professor, Tel-Aviv University.

*Starting Oct. 1st 2020.

Dr. Dien Nguyen (Postdoc)

Current position: N. Isgur Fellow, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.

Dr. Holly Szumila-Vance (Postdoc)

Current position: Staff Scientist, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility.

Dr. Reynier Cruz Torres (graduate student)

Current position: Postdoc, U.C. Berkeley.

Prof. Axel Schmidt (Postdoc)

Current position: Assistant Professor, George Washington University.

Dr. Maria Patsyuk (Postdoc)

Current position: Staff Scientist, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Russia.

Dr. George Laskaris (Postdoc)

Current position: Consultant, Ab-initio software.

Dr. Barak Schmookler (graduate student)

Current position: Postdoc, Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science, Stony Brook University.

Dr. Longwu Ou (graduate student)

Current position: Industry.

Dr. Arie Beck (Visiting Scientist, 2017-18)

Current position: Senior Researcher, IAEC, Israel.

Dr. Sharon Mey-Tal Beck (Visiting Scientist, 2017-18)

Current position: Senior Researcher, IAEC, Israel.

Prof. Taofeng Wang (Visiting Scientist, 2016-17)

Current position: Associate Professor, Beihang University, China.

Former Members: Undergraduates

Ms. Kirsten Surrao

Next position: Graduate student, Columbia University.

Honors: APS CEU Fellowship.

Mr. Samuel Solomon       

Next position: Graduate student, Caltech.

Honors: APS CEU Fellowship; 2020 Chemistry Department Award for outstanding research achievements.

Mr. Adin Hrnjic

Next position: Graduate student, UIUC.

Mr. Hector Iglesias

Next position: Graduate student.

Mr. Joseph Iosue

Next position: Graduate student, University of Maryland.

Ms. Peninah Levine

Next position: Graduate student, MIT.

Honors: APS CEU Fellowship

Mr. Adrian Silva

[MIT Undergrad]

Honors: APS CEU Fellowship; Paul E. Gray (1954) Endowed Fund for UROP project

Mr. Oluwaseun Ogunde

[MIT Undergrad]

Mr. Connor Chung

[MIT Undergrad]

Mr. Sean Gloumeau

[MIT Undergrad]

Mr. Ting-Chun Lin

[MIT Undergrad] 

Mr. Yong-Hui Lim

[MIT Undergrad]

Mt. Masada